Vessels for the Institution was created upon completion of graduate school. Iā€™d just completed a body of work that included performance. I was still in practice of speaking internally to myself, narrating my process. These vessels were the first conversations I had externally with myself while working at the wheel. I reflected on the institutional setting that was composed of a lack of diversity and very limited equity and opportunity for people of color. Many of the faces of color occupied positions of service, housekeeping, caregivers, and dining all requiring hard physical labor. These jobs were the lowest paying salaries in the company, yet these employees were the backbone of the care services the company provided. Management and office staff were represented at 98 percent by white employees. Many of the office staff did not have degrees, most worked for many years progressing in their positions. In comparison, many of the care staff possessed degrees and certifications in their field, however held lower positions than their white coworkers. My time with this specific company forwarded me the opportunity to reflect on the tradition of both women, and women of color as caregivers, equity and opportunity, and the need to engage in constant practices of change in whatever form it may manifest itself.