Knotted, Twisted, and Tied is a conversation with myself about process. I began these vessels at the wheel which allows me to quickly create a form.

Once the clay have reached a specific leather hardness I specify places to push the clay literally to it’s breaking point.

It is my intent to share the natural surface and body of the clay exposing its natural raw properties. White porcelain is applied, followed by shaping the form by pushing out the walls of the clay from the inside only.

My practice includes a hand-building component consisting of hand rolled of coils. Throughout my body of work clay coils may include human hair rolled into the coil which will burn out during the firing process. The memory and documentation of the practice is all that remains. The coils are twisted, knotted, pulled to their limitation, causing visual stress and cracks.

The vessels for myself are metaphorically representative of the human form and the breaking points we reach, the twist and turns we cycle through trying to maintain the “American Dream”